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In the present days it’s quite a challenging task to go with the times and slay out the competition. With constant changes in the external world, it’s important for companies to change too. These changes may include a new logo design or even a whole new brand identity. It’s probably difficult to generalize all those changes that companies trend toward. Bust speaking about logo and branding, I can say with confidence that simplicity is what’s the most desired. During the recent years, a number of well-known companies have redesigned their logos. Some companies went even further in their modifications, changing the entire branding identity. In this article I’d like to draw a few examples of those corporates that have successfully modified their brands.

One of the biggest companies with a long brand history is probably Pepsi. Since their inception in the beginning of the twentieth century, the packaging has overcome a lot of modifications. Initially Pepsi logo used to be a wordmark colored in red, but with time passing by it’s evolved to a red, white and blue icon. I have to say, that it’s quite risky to change brand style for a company with a short history. However, a longstanding status of Pepsi company lets it go with the times. Their name speaks for themselves, hence, despite all the changes they are recognized by customers.

Apple is another corporate that has gone through a number of changes. From the moment of its foundation, it’s overcome drastic changes. The original Apple logo used to be a dark and grey image. Pretty soon developers changed the design background, making it bright and vivid like a rainbow. It took almost 40 years for an Apple icon to look like it looks today – a simple silver apple of a smaller and more rounded shape.

Do you remember Comedy Central logo? It’s been drastically changed during the last a few years. From an illustration-based logo it’s been turned into a very simple logo that slightly reminds a copyright symbol. Some web critics have even complained about such strong similarity, but Comedy Central developers didn’t get lost. They actually said it was the whole point to create a logo that would state – it’s only them who’s got the right for humour. This minimalism of a new logo has put Comedy Central company on the same footing with other competitors.

Well, what’s got to be said is that those companies which are interested in their growth and building trustworthy reputation on the global scale, must keep with all the changes that innovative IT technologies bring to our modern life. Some companies change only their logo design while others make bigger steps and modify the entire branding identity. The modern tendency is to opt for simpler and more symbolic logo design solutions.

If you’ve had an idea to redesign a logo or branding style of your corporate website, contact me and I will get in touch with you to discuss the details! Together we can think of the best design solution that will meet all your requirements and demands.

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