Designing a logo from inspiration to execution

A lot of developers will agree that designing a logo that comes from inspiration and manages to serve as an accurate and yet, effective icon of client’s business concept is a truly difficult job in the world of art and design. A logo is supposed to mirror each and every aspect of a company when everything that a designer can use are small shapes and alphabet. It does require a lot of skills and experience. To cut a long story short, a logo should be very simple, and yet very concise representation of a company. Thus, one needs to be quite patient, productive and strive for precision.

In order to design a great logo, a designer should have clear understanding of business concept, a notebook to make drawings and a software of high quality. One of the best software that a majority of web designers use is Adobe Illustrator as it provides the best tools for designing qood quality logos.

It’s also important to be able to catch inspiration and merge graphic with branding. A designer is supposed to glimpse inspiration in everything he sees around. The only thing here is to convey it all in the right way.

Let’s pretend that a company named “Circle” has asked you to design a logo for them. Think of the ideas that first come to your head. The name of a company itself speaks loud. The first association is actually the shape of a circle that reflects business concept at its best! You can also think of the alphabets. A letter “C” can actually serve as a semicircle. By changing the color of “C” you can make it stand out from the rest of the letters focusing users’ attention at the shape of the alphabet. There are many ways how one can emphasize the letter. You can basically include some elements in the chosen shape. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Always expand the boundaries and go beyond what you’re thinking.

What I can surely say from my own experience is that simplicity is the best indicator of quality. Having designed hundreds of custom websites, I’ve learned how important it is to make a logo recognisable and memorable. It’s got to stick to users’ memory, thus it shouldn’t be too complex and intricate. Sometimes a name of the company that’s put in words can become a great logo itself. And an example that I’ve drawn above shows it perfectly. If you think of the most famous companies, their logos are quite primitive but at the same time, very prominent and speaking! That’s what experience and skills of designers mean – to be able to present a company in the right way and make people identify it by its logo!

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