How to focus client’s attention on the aesthetics of their site?

During the time I’ve been working as a web designer I have met a lot of people with different opinions about how their website should look like and wanting to make a contribution into my work with their own thoughts concerning the aesthetics and the overall look of the website layout.

Moreover, the bigger the number of people responsible for the company’s website, the more controversial recommendations designers tend to get. No wonder, every person has his or her unique taste and preferences in terms of colors, style, font writing, pictures and so on. Very often the process of creation a website is like a battle between those controversial opinions and general rules of a good custom web design.

Although my clients usually take part in every stage of the custom web design building process, still they somehow remain unaware of other substantial parts of the design, like elaborating the functionality, accessibility and usability, compliance with the standards and company goals. This is why the clients usually focus mainly on the looks of their web resource.

I believe, that there’s more to a good custom web design than just preferences in colors and fonts. The quality of the design should be evaluated in terms of several important factors I outlined in this article.

Factor 1. Target audience. One of the aims of a high quality web design is to communicate the message of the company to its potential customers.

Factor 2. The look itself. Evaluation of the aesthetical feeling, the appropriateness of the styles, fonts and colors. The design layout being developed should reflect the company’s activity, and set the right priorities.

Factor 3. Website content. It is important to develop a custom web design taking into consideration the location of the content and how it should accentuate the strong points of the company. A lot of attention should be paid to the areas with the content.

Factor 4. Website usability. Evaluating the web design in terms of its usability the designer should give answers to the following questions:
Is the site usable for its visitors? Is it convenient to find something on it? Are the priorities set in the right way? Are there any other factors that hurdle the high level of usability of the website?

Factor 5. Level of functionality. Roughly saying, the designer should determine whether all the features and options on the website give visitors an opportunity to use the website more efficiently.

The factors described above should be discussed with your client even before you start considering the type of design you want to develop. The answers to the given questions will help you get a larger insight into how the visually aesthetic look of the web resource should be built and they always help me in my work.

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