Graphic design as a tool to market your business

According to the recent internet research an average website visitor needs 5 to 10 seconds to make a negative or positive impression of your site. The first thing they are noticing is whether the things they see really correspond to what they expected or what they were looking for before entering your site. If your site fails to look really helpful in the first ten seconds, chances are you’ve just lost a potential client.

If you wonder what could be done to capture the attention of your visitors and make them interested in your services, consider graphic design. We all know that people tend to judge books by their covers, smart design solutions have always worked out in all industries and business sectors; after all, the unique design is what makes an iPod the face of today’s music.

As far as it concerns your web presence, custom graphic design is one of the main tools in helping you to market your business online and generate sales leads, being a 24/7 powerhouse efficiently promoting your services and/or products.

Because of these reasons website design is not the thing to be taken lightly — it can significantly influence the well-being of your company and double your sales. Speaking of high quality custom graphic design as a tool to market your business, we should consider several aspects of how it works.

First of all, from a psychological viewpoint, a great looking website is able to build positive associations with your products or services, this way promoting your brand and gaining customer loyalty.

Secondly, your company’s website design can help you to increase the overall credibility of your business. Intuitive navigation, user-friendly interface, plenty of information about the company and contact details can make miracles to your visitors building a strong reputation for your resource that you will later be able to monetize.

As you probably understand a good website design is not only a graphical appearance, but also a developed structure of information and convenient layout. It is very important that your websites’ design was able to convey the image of your company as well as to put through your message to the public.

Now that we’ve cleared the significance of smart custom graphic design solutions,let’s think of how to make the most of your design:

Clean and spacious layout, as well as clear navigation will help you to focus the attention on your content and enable users to easily find what they’re looking for. Make sure the most important pages are within a couple of clicks away from the homepage. Making users jump from one page to another is one of the biggest mistakes if increased sales is what you’re aiming for. Keep in mind the Grandma rule — if your grandma is able to find what she needs on your site — it’s a good site.

Web analysts claim that the best website design is one keeping visitors from thinking. This means it should be self-explanatory, preventing users from having questions and leaving them as little options, as possible.

Consider also light graphics and minimum loading time, which are necessary not to keep your visitors waiting and getting annoyed. Remember you still have only 10 seconds to catch their attention.

There are many other design tricks you may opt for to increase the marketing effect of your website, most of them are successfully used by creative and experienced web designers.

Remember, that making sure your business has a well custom designed websiteensures you give your company maximum chances to achieve success. Poor design will give you nothing; it’s just a waste of time and money. Whether your business gets those chances depends directly on you, hire a professional web designer not to miss them.

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