Reasons for redesigning your website

There are dozens of reasons that will justify your website redesign; however, if you’re not an IT person, you may even not realize that your website needs one. How to check whether it’s time to change the layout of your web resource?

First of all, browse other websites and try to notice whether their web page designlooks more stylish than yours. Aesthetics is a very important aspect of the web design, so if you understand that your website looks outdated and unattractive to the target audience, you need to take some measures, because chances are you’re losing customers every day. Remember, that in order to gain a competitive advantage over your rivals, you need to look for a high quality custom web design that will create a positive and modern image of your company, help to build brand awareness, increase customer loyalty and convey the message of your company the way you want it.

Another important reason why you should consider redesigning your website is the increase of usability. Every year web standards change radically and web building techniques become more advanced in order to comply with these standards. If your site was developed several years ago, it probably has heavy graphics or a lot of unnecessaryhtml code, not letting your web pages load fast. Get a custom web design to increase the usability of your interface and this way attract more visitors.

Today thousands of people, especially young people are surfing the internet using their cell phones and PDAs. Old websites with fixed pages and coding have no chances to display correctly even in modern versions of web browsers, it goes without saying they look all messed up on PDA screens. Modern techniques of CSS coding allow to make web pages as flexible as possible, so getting yourself a new custom web designmight be a good idea if you want to increase the availability of your site.

If you want to increase sales generated by your website, you might consider applying modern SEO techniques to rank your site higher in the search engine result pages. As a rule, professional designers of today know how to optimize your site to make it more relevant to the necessary key terms, as well as to make it easier for the search bots to index web pages.

Content Management is another reason to justify the creation of a new custom web design for your website. If several years ago website content was static and unchangeable, unless you knew HTML to change it, nowadays you don’t need all that knowledge and so much effort, as you used to — modern content management systems make content management easy as it has never been before. Knowing the simplest text editor is the only skill you need to change texts, images and other media files, add new pages and sections to your web site. As a rule, if you order a custom web design,you’ll receive a CMS integration as well, so if you want to update not only the looks, but the information on your site, redesign is just what you need.

Now that you’ve determined whether your site needs a new custom web design, you might wanna know some of the DOs before contacting a reputable designer.

First of all, consider adding some special features to your website that will make your customers want to return again and again. These features include forums with engaging conversations, blogs with up-to-date information or interesting article base.

Before applying to a web designer make sure you’ve backed up your old site, because things happen and you need to be sure your site will be able to work anyway.

In the process of redesigning your website ask your designer to minimize the old URL changes, because, for all this time your site has been functioning, it has probably received a lot of organic links over the internet, that benefit not only your traffic, but also the search engine rankings of your site.

If you are afraid to put a lot of money into your new website design, think about all the returns on your investment. If your site brings you some yield now, a smart custom design solution will only increase your profits.

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