Impact of color combinations in logo designing

Anyone who is somehow involved in web design industry (be it a web designer or a small business owner) should have clear understanding of how color combinations influence on perception of the site and logo in particular. You just can’t overlook importance of company’s logo. It’s an element that attracts customers to the products or services. Of course, just a logo itself can’t decide the fate of a business. It’s got to be a well-considered combination of colors that would have a positive impact on your visitors.

However, before we shift to the subject how colors impact logo designing, let’s learn about other points that should be considered before we’ve come to the process of choosing the color.

A shape of logo. The idea is to immediately stick to people’s minds. Hence, it’s advisable to opt for a shape that is simple but looks quite fetching. If you go for a logo that is too complicated, there’s always a chance you won’t be able to convey the message to the public. Think of the logos of large well-known companies. They are all quite simple and yet, very memorable.

A logo that speaks for itself. What is the usual reaction of people when they see a logo? They all wonder what company this particular logo belongs to. The next question is, what product does this company manufacture, what services does it offer? Thus, it’s important to have a logo that would be able to provide a primary introduction and speak for itself.

Stability. You can change clothes as frequently as you like it, but you shouldn’t do the same with a logo. From the start, people identify a certain logo with a company. If you begin to frequently change your logo, you’ll make your customers forget about you.

Speaking about colors, I’d like to point out that certain combinations can inspire people and make them think the way you want it without actually spelling it out. Is it not impressive? White color has always been associated with something pure and peaceful. Green color associated with forests, parks and something fresh. A company that is aware of all these tricks can effectively convey its message to the targeted audiences by only use of the right color.

Now, let’s get to the point. When thinking of a logo design for your company’s website, try to picture it in black and white as well. Something that looks vivid and bright, just exactly like you wanted it to, may look absolutely flat on a print material. Today, logos are used in various media resources, therefore it’s quite important to be able to effectively depict it in these two main shades.

Too many colors in a logo may look attractive, but if you think rationally, you will understand that the cost of logo is not really worth it. You will have to spend quite a lot of money every time you want to print it. It’s a better idea to pick two or three colors and use it for your color. In case you’d like to add more colorfulness to a logo, opt for the shades of the chosen colors. That would be an intelligible idea.


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