The capacities of Web Designer

As a rule, most clients that opt for web design services are quite predictable in their wishes and needs. And I don’t really expect that you get excited each time you take on a new project for a wedding photographer for example or online marketing company. Their requirements are pretty much the same. They all need to have a website that would be “conversion optimized”. From the very start there’s nothing special, no spark whatsoever about creativity that is seething deep inside of you. As it happens, everything you want is to design a project as soon as it’s only possible, be paid and don’t ever come back to it again. Does it not sound quite frustrating? It’s similar to be a robot that goes into autopilot mode.

It’s a pity that we’ve let ourself to turn into mindless workers who don’t have any space for creativity and imagination. Everyone is trying to teach us how to design a project and for some reason we obediently do what we’re asked. I strongly believe that designers should be leaders not followers. Those ones who blindly follow customers’ requirements won’t ever be able to go beyond their level and generate more business leads. We shouldn’t lose the key desire to create that motivated us to start a career in web design industry. Use your imagination from the start. It’s got to be at the core of designing process.

If I were asked what main criteria of a professional and successful custom web designer I would answer – it’s the desire to achieve excellence! Time and money is not enough for proper motivation. It’s the imagination and ideas that measure up excellence. Thus, when you take on a new project, remember that it’s your chance to create something very extraordinary! Something that’s supposed to be birthed in your head first thing first, and then converted in a Photoshop mockup.

Let me make a comparison with food services. Someone who is preparing the same kind of meals day after day won’t be able to tell you much about it because he doesn’t put a lot of thought in it.  Now think about a professional chef in a restaurant. He is inspired with the food he’s preparing! He shows his interest to the job and meticulously picks spices and sauces to complement the meal. As a result, he is excited about the food he’s cooked because he is sure it’s exclusive! Besides, he knows all the steps it took him to create his culinary “masterpiece”.

I’ve always thought that a custom web designer should care more about each project than clients. Despite it’s not your money that’s paid for it, you naturally put your time, effort and energy in creating graphic design. What’s even more important is that you put your name on it. It means reputation and brand awareness. When creating visually appealing and exclusive custom designs, you’ve got a chance to grow as a professional in the industry, gain valuable experience and entice a number of clients!


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  • Hosting & Maintenance

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