Things I hate about my clients

This article is written not to start a war between clients and developers. Rather, I hope that sharing opinions will help to establish more friendly relationship and better understanding of each other so that we could work more smoothly and effectively together. Besides, we all quite frequently shift our roles.

One of the most annoying things is probably lack of ideas. “I don’t know what I want, but I want it now”. I understand that circumstances as well as a scope of a project may unpredictably change. It’s not a problem at all. However, when this emergency and uncertainty become a norm, that brings a lot of hassle. In reality, 99 per cent of all emergencies are caused by bad planning.

So a web designer has spent a lot of time thinking over a concept of a site, waited for clients’ instructions and then, all of a sudden everything’s changed. Now a customer doesn’t want what they’ve agreed upon last but want something radically different and…of course, want it asap! If customers could walk in web designers’ shoes they would understand why it’s so frustrating. Planning is a time-consuming process that requires a lot of thought and effort. Some of the clients contrive to overturn all previous agreements and change the scope of a project that’s been fixed in the contract.  Let’s be honest, it’s not easy to work under these circumstances.

“Is it ok if we pay 10 dollars per 10 hours?” Well, surely, it is “ok”. For some reason, most customers expect designers to work hard for long hours and pay them peanuts. Being a freelance designer, I do offer my customers very affordable prices, but sometimes the rates clients expect to pay sound really ridiculous. As a rule, they are quite stingy, capricious and have very little understanding how to run a business.

“You are late with the project!” That’s another statement that incredibly annoys. The scenario usually goes like that: there’s a rush because clients have approved the project in the last minute and therefore, I AM LATE with a project! I’ve worked with a big number of customers. But I have to say, it’s annoying when a client changes the tasks multiple times. Some of the customers like to dictate and it’s also a challenging task to finish a project under such surveillance.

“Just do what I tell you”. As life shows, it’s important to have good relationship with customers. Client’s input is welcome on many projects, but it doesn’t mean that a designer should blindly follow his dictations. That’s where designers get annoyed. If you hire a master for a project, let him do his job. He knows quite a lot about how to get things right.

However, all the things that I’ve described in this article are not the norm. As a rule, we speak the same language with my customers and strive to achieve the best outcome together. I carefully listen to all my customers’ requirements and offer the most appropriate design solution so that they can stand out from the masses and gain unique branding style!

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