Novice web design trends to look out

If you’ve thought about a new website or just a slight touch-up, knowing the latest trends in web design is essential to succeed. In this article I decided to sum up the most important and novice web design trends that every designer and website owner should be aware of. Let’s proceed: Big images, big texts, […]

Colors in web design

When creating a website from scratch, it’s critical to do it right. There is a certain set of basic principles and professional advices that can come up very handy. In this article I will cover the most important things related to colors, their meaning and symbolism. I will also share with you some of the […]

Custom web design. Do I need one?

Did you ever think that success of any business depends to the big extent upon how the audiences perceive it. This is where we need to talk about a customized web design. What is important to do is to present your company as a professional expert who can successfully replicate customers’ values and business objectives […]

How to build effective navigation system

As it often happens in practice, a lot of people underestimate the importance of navigation, though it plays very important role for the site. I would compare it to a gateway which leads your visitors from one section of the content to another one. Therefore, it’s got to be planned, comprehensive and easy-to-use. Here are […]

Custom Web Design vs. Template

Making a decision whether you need a web designer to build a website for you or not can be a challenging task. The first thought that usually comes to mind is that it’s an expensive luxury or a “waste of money”. There are thousands of resources on the web that are cheap or even free […]

Using WordPress as a REST application programming interface for an App

When creating mobile applications you do come to the stage when you need to use the updated content from your website, or if the apps already go with content, you need to find a way to put new content into the app on time. A bad idea is to make your apps updated via iTunes, […]

Color trends on the web 2013

Just like any other elements used for creating web design, color palettes are important elements which are constantly evolved. This year the range of colors is very diverse and compelling. Vividly bright and neon colors are combined with grayscale palette to add some accents to modern strict designs. Today, the hues of colors have also […]

Benefits of a mobile custom web design

If you take your business seriously and want it to reach out a bigger amount of audiences who are using mobile phones and access all information via portable devices, in that case, mobile custom built website is exactly what you need. A custom mobile design looks absolutely different to the layout you see on a […]

WordPress cms is my choice

All those specialists who’s somehow engaged in web design industry definitely knows how great wordpress cms is. Being initially just a blogging platform, over several years it’s become a very diverse content management system. Today, it’s widely used to build simple but very functional websites. However, there are still people who have got lots of […]

Your marketing tools: creative logo and website designs

Website designing is definitely an art that requires big amount of devotion and enthusiasm, especially when it comes to designing with promotion, publicity, marketing, etc. in thought. Being a qualified web designer means to devote to your job with no compromise on time and quality. You may have brilliant and thrilling ideas for website designs, […]

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