WordPress, Joomla and Drupal: comparison

When creating a website, you may get a little bit lost with regards to what content management to chose. In this article I want to overview three the most popular cms to facilitate this choice. Each of them is open-source and maintained by thousands of developers from all the corners of the globe. It means […]

Do I need to use CMS?

If you wonder whether to use or not to use a content management system for your website, this article may come up very useful to you. First thing first, let’s figure out what cms is in terms of web design terminology. CMS is a secure way to keep track of all the material that one […]

Effective custom website strategy

From the word “go” you should start to build a business, not just a website. And here I’m talking not only about ecommerce website, but all online web resources. To create a successful business online one should clearly articulate his/her goals and make sure the online presence will specifically be crafted to deliver the expected […]

Popular trends of web design today

Web design is probably one of the most actively evolving industries today where one can witness the emergence of new trends all the time. It goes without saying that 2013 has become a year when HTML5 markup language is being put forth and CC3 is widely used for crafting new brands. Website owners flock towards […]

Effective ways to improve your website conversion rates

You’ve probably thought about it many times how it is possible to improve website conversion rates without hunting for more and more visitors. And if you’ve done, I will tell you about the most effective and proven ways to do so. You’ll be able to increase your sales from the people who already visit your […]

How to hire a web designer – some practical tips

Upon searching for a web designer on the Internet, you may soon realize that this process is not as easy as you’ve initially thought. You do understand that hiring a professional web designer would be a solution of all your problems. Besides, he’d help you to perfect your brand, garner customers’ attention, increase conversion rates […]

How to make WordPress website more accessible?

It’s not a secret that WordPress has become a phenomenal tool that allows people to build blogs and websites with very little knowledge of programming languages and code. The cms is very easy to install. In addition, it provides a wide range of themes and plugins that actually define how your content and functionality will […]

How to make a website more sticky

It’s no secret that Internet world is changing all the time at unprecedented speed. Keeping in touch with new developments and Internet news is the only possible way to stay ahead of the rest of competitors. In this article I’d like to share with website business owners a few tips that may help to create […]

Pros and cons of custom website designs

If you’ve decided to go online, you should understand that a website is a very important part of your online marketing strategy. And despite it seems to be a well-known fact, there’s no shortage in poorly designed websites. Thus, I find it actual and worth mentioning once again. First thing first, your website may appear […]

Professional web design tips to speed up a website

In today’s modern world, unfortunately, people have very little spare time to wait. This tendency has had a great impact on the realm of web design. If you’re personally involved in web design industry, you should know for definite how impatient web users have become and how it’s important to satisfy their all demands. Hence, […]

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