The fundamentals to follow in order to create a successful website

In modern world designing and creation of a website for different purposes is way easier than it used to be, however, it’s become more difficult to build a website for a business that would be successful on its own. The process of building and establishing a website online is much more than just buying a […]

Should I go for a template website?

Website template or web designing template is known to be one of the most effective and simplest way to create a website even if one doesn’t have any knowledge of coding and website designing. Using templates you can install as many emails as you want and add pictures. Nothing really stops you from personalizing your […]

Designing a logo from inspiration to execution

A lot of developers will agree that designing a logo that comes from inspiration and manages to serve as an accurate and yet, effective icon of client’s business concept is a truly difficult job in the world of art and design. A logo is supposed to mirror each and every aspect of a company when […]

Things I hate about my clients

This article is written not to start a war between clients and developers. Rather, I hope that sharing opinions will help to establish more friendly relationship and better understanding of each other so that we could work more smoothly and effectively together. Besides, we all quite frequently shift our roles. One of the most annoying […]

Impact of color combinations in logo designing

Anyone who is somehow involved in web design industry (be it a web designer or a small business owner) should have clear understanding of how color combinations influence on perception of the site and logo in particular. You just can’t overlook importance of company’s logo. It’s an element that attracts customers to the products or […]

Corporate redesigns that work

In the present days it’s quite a challenging task to go with the times and slay out the competition. With constant changes in the external world, it’s important for companies to change too. These changes may include a new logo design or even a whole new brand identity. It’s probably difficult to generalize all those […]

The capacities of Web Designer

As a rule, most clients that opt for web design services are quite predictable in their wishes and needs. And I don’t really expect that you get excited each time you take on a new project for a wedding photographer for example or online marketing company. Their requirements are pretty much the same. They all […]

Easy steps to web design accessibility

Web design accessibility is about making your website accessible to the maximum number of people with different kinds of disabilities and deficiencies, as well as to people using small-display devices to surf the web. A lot of countries have legislation which requires certain types of websites to comply with minimum accessibility standards in order to be open to the largest possible audience. Building accessible websites is a relatively new technique, but it can be very […]

Marketing yourself as a freelance web designer

Freelance work gives specialists a lot of opportunities starting from individual growth in terms of experience and professionalism, and ending with great working environment, independent schedule and the lifestyle you like. But there is a serious drawback — all freelancers have to look for clients themselves and this task requires some knowledge and skills. A lot of experienced and professional designers start freelance careers having […]

How to make your day productive, if you’re a freelance designer

I have been working as a freelance web designer for more than five years and have developed my own system of how to increase productivity when working from home, which I would like to share with you. The first thing that influences positively the overall productivity of a freelance web designer is a quiet and comfortable workplace. Ideally this should be a separate room, designated only for work. Try to eliminate […]

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