Color trends on the web 2013

Just like any other elements used for creating web design, color palettes are important elements which are constantly evolved. This year the range of colors is very diverse and compelling. Vividly bright and neon colors are combined with grayscale palette to add some accents to modern strict designs. Today, the hues of colors have also been enthusiastically applied. The great thing about new trends is that they help to distinguish the most important elements on a site, separate the sections and convey the mood to the end user.

Grayscale with bright hues. Since recently, this color pattern has widely been used around the globe. Being plain and colorless, just a couple of bright accents can bring the eye to the most important information and the elements. In grayscale designs colors are also used to define the sections, emphasize the graphical material and create an intuitive design that would bring people’s attention to the key elements through effective color palette.

Another popular trends is to use a combination of soft, neutral tones and pastels. Web designers use this color scheme to give their users a feeling of soft and friendly atmosphere. Today it can often be seen with cartoony vector illustration or hand-drawn pictures.

Neon color trends are not new anymore, they’ve been widely used for quite a while now, but they don’t lose their popularity. They still look fresh and interesting to look. Neon-based websites definitely appeal to the users and look very demonstrative. Neon color palettes can be mixed with other bright hues.

Color blocking is another popular trend that’s being combined with every other color trend. It’s probably the most versatile and functional trend. When we talk about using color blocking, we don’t refer to using any color in particular. The whole idea is to use the whole fields of color to define various sections and categories of the site. Color blocking can be a great choice for minimalist web designs.

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