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When creating a website from scratch, it’s critical to do it right. There is a certain set of basic principles and professional advices that can come up very handy. In this article I will cover the most important things related to colors, their meaning and symbolism. I will also share with you some of the professional tips that experienced designers follow to effectively build an attractive and appealing website design. Shall we discover more about the color?

As a rule, those people who are not familiar with the main principles of web design and have no idea how to combine the colors, usually choose the colors for their sites guided by their own taste. It’s not a problem if you’ve got a good taste and the colors perfectly match each other. But certainly, not everybody is good at it. Therefore, basics of color theory may be very useful for those ones who are not that sure about their color choice. RIght from the start, I would like to draw your attention to the color wheel. The wheel was created by well-known scientist, Isaak Newton in 1666. It’s difficult to image designers and artists all over the world without this attribute. Using the wheel, one can easily pick a few colors that would look harmoniously together. The basic colors of the wheel are red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Mixes of the basics give us some extra colors. If you use any two colors located opposite each other on this wheel you will get a very harmonious color combination. You can also choose three colors that are equally spaced around the wheel and form a triangle of beautifully matching colors.

The other important thing that should be considered when picking the color is its symbolic meaning. For example, red color is used to portray triumph, strength, love, passion, sacrifice. In India this color is used to depict purity. Red is the color of brides in China. In Africa this color is symbol of mourning. Blue color is commonly associated with something “safe”, pure, immortal, calm and conservative. Purple color is symbol of mourning in Thailand. Widows wear purple clothes. But the main meaning of this color though is royalty.

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