Do I need to use CMS?

If you wonder whether to use or not to use a content management system for your website, this article may come up very useful to you. First thing first, let’s figure out what cms is in terms of web design terminology. CMS is a secure way to keep track of all the material that one posts on a website (files, videos, images, scripts and so on and so on). With a little knowledge of coding a user can access a visual editor and update both, the core of the site and its interface. Depending on your business and personal needs, content management systems can become the best and the most beneficial solutions!

A large-scaled corporations that have got a lot of staff would fall in love with cms, without a shade of a doubt. IT experts can set up the CMS and enable users with certain roles and access levels so that they can manage their department’s pages of the site accordingly. CMS can be a great solution for those ones who work independently from a team either. Today most content management systems are already equipped with the most desired and requested functions that your clients may be interested in, hence, it won’t be a bad idea to offer them to use a cms.

The advantages of content management system

Simplicity of cms empowers users with little knowledge of coding make updates to their websites without asking IT specialists for the help. It’s easy to insert any new picture, post an article, add a new file, embed a video clip, etc.

CMS is not an expensive solution. There are content management systems that are available for free. A lot of functionality is already included in some of them. Besides, they are all customizable in case you’re looking for a unique design and functional solution.

If you’ve got other users who have to work with the same website, you can allow them different privileges according to their work-tasks. Probably you wouldn’t be interested in giving all the privileges to those users whose job is only to update the pictures and content. It’s the right thing to do ‘cause security is of high importance. When properly secured, you won’t have to worry that somebody can screw up your main code files.

CMS allows you to keep your website consistent. It separates your web pages from editorial regions. This is a great function! If you’ve got a person who’s supposed to work only with already existing pages, you still may have somebody else to perform other functions on a site.

Are there any downsides of CMSs?

  • The downside of some CMSs is a lack of web standard code. Not all of them produce it and it’s a great failure considering its importance in terms of SEO efforts.
  • Some CMSs can appear to be way difficult to use for novice website administrators.
  • Customization of CMSs can be quite costly, however it totally depends on your business needs and requirements.


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