Effective custom website strategy

From the word “go” you should start to build a business, not just a website. And here I’m talking not only about ecommerce website, but all online web resources. To create a successful business online one should clearly articulate his/her goals and make sure the online presence will specifically be crafted to deliver the expected outcome!

Building a website from the ground up is not an easy process. You wouldn’t build a house without having a proper blueprint and architectural plan. Therefore, if you don’t want to build a website that would be a failure and waste of untold time and money, don’t jump straight into implementation but carefully pre-plan all the details of the site.

If you want to have an effective website, there are certain things you should definitely avoid. They are poor navigation, slow performance, weak branding, bad usability, inability to quickly bring changes into a project, poor site search, lack of a sitemap, bad user experience, etc.

Now, when you know what things have very negative impact on a site, let’s overview the advantages and benefits of a properly built and planned online business. You shouldn’t underestimate the importance of good website design and development. With a successful online presence you will be able to gain the following benefits:

– With a properly planned search-engine friendly architecture, you’ll be able to get good and relevant traffic from the start.

– Effective website reflects brand and brand image at its best. Most people judge the business from the way it looks on the Internet, therefore it’s important to make your online presence valuable, professional and appealing to the audiences.

– A website can help you to establish trustworthy relationship with your clients and communicate with them through variety of website tools, online support, user communities. Besides, you’ll be able to always give them updated company information.

– Future needs. Upon having a good website strategy, your business will always be scalable for the future needs: additional requirements, features and functionality.

Another important step in planning effective custom website strategy is to actually measure your success and determine its metrics. You need to understand what things you’re going to measure to check the level of your website performance. Here are the metrics that are widely used for most websites:

– Traffic: the number of users who visit your website on a daily basis;

– Conversion: that’s a percentage of people who visit your site and become potential customers, your leads; those users who may join your newsletter, etc.

– Customer retention: this metric will tell you how many visitors return to your website again;

– Stickiness: here you can check how much time users spend on your website and how many web pages they visit.

But there are way more nuances that you may think of to measure up your own business success according to your specific needs.

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  • Wordpress Implementation
  • Hosting & Maintenance

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