Effective ways to improve your website conversion rates

You’ve probably thought about it many times how it is possible to improve website conversion rates without hunting for more and more visitors. And if you’ve done, I will tell you about the most effective and proven ways to do so. You’ll be able to increase your sales from the people who already visit your website on a regular basis.

What is the conversion rate? It’s a number of those potential clients who usually come to the site in order to purchase a certain item. Talking in terms of a website, it’s the percentage of audiences who buy from the site. A big mistake that’s constantly done by many website owners is to totally concentrate on increasing the number of web users. In most cases, all they need to do is to solve a few simple problems with their website and greatly improve conversion rates. It’s not a difficult process, fairly speaking.

The simpler website looks like, the more users it usually attracts. But obviously, a lot of companies neglect this simple truth. Honestly, it’s a big failure to have a website built that’s difficult to understand and use. The goal of your site is to make people purchase from it. How would they do it, if they can’t properly navigate it? Just think about it! A website should be crafted with a buyer in thoughts. There can’t be anything on a site that would prevent them from buying. Otherwise, the entire website is worthless.

A website is supposed to be accessible, cross-browser compatible and clear. As a designer you should not focus only on one browser. One of the frequent reasons why a site may have just a few visitors is because it doesn’t work anywhere else! Therefore, testing a website design in all popular browsers should be one of the prioritized tasks.

Make sure your website looks clear to people! Otherwise, they will move to another site. Let me draw an example. You may have a nice-looking website with a straightforward design but still lose clients with no obvious reason for that… But there is a reason and a very significant one! What if a buyer decided to buy a product? He would start searching for a relevant button or a link on the site. If it doesn’t stand out from the rest of website elements, you will lose your potential client. Don’t expect people to stay ages on a site trying to work out where you’ve placed your action-buttons. Time is money, never forget about it!

Talking about time, I’d like to mention another big mistake that’s repeatedly done by many web designers and website owners. Don’t ask for too much information. Don’t waste users’ time to ask them for answers that you don’t really need to know. Some of the information can be very private and absolutely needless in terms of your sales requests. You never know if a user would like to buy from you another time, so what’s the point to force them into creating their own account? Let them make their first order! Don’t ask them to leave their mobile phones, when all they do is simply fill an email enquiry form.

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