How to hire a web designer – some practical tips

Upon searching for a web designer on the Internet, you may soon realize that this process is not as easy as you’ve initially thought. You do understand that hiring a professional web designer would be a solution of all your problems. Besides, he’d help you to perfect your brand, garner customers’ attention, increase conversion rates and bring value to your business on a whole. However, are there any ways to know that your designer is well experienced and qualified to do this job and be paid the requested money?

Let’s scour a little bit deeper here so that you can see the key items to consider when hiring a web designer. And the first and probably the most important thing is to get ready to ask the right type of questions. What usually happens in reality is that a client comes across a web designer’s website, looks through his portfolio and makes a decision whether he likes his work or not visually. It is of course a good start, but you should also be cautious of a few other things. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Has a particular web designer got an experience of working with websites that have got similar functionality to yours?

  • How does navigation toolbar look like on those websites that you’ve seen in a designer’s portfolio?

  • Check the sites of previous customers. Do they still use those designs?

  • If a designer is supposed to work on your conversion rates too, it’s important to ask him whether he’s got qualification to do it.

  • Does a chosen designer offer you to view testimonials of his previous clients? Do you have a chance to get in touch with them and talk directly?

Nothing extraordinary, as you can see, and yet, a lot of people neglect this pre-stage – asking yourself a few simple questions. Effective website is not just an attractive picture. It’s got to perform certain functions: convey your message to people, talk to them through visual elements, get stick to them and convert them into your potential customers.

If you’re looking for a certain platform to build your website on, you need to make sure that a designer you’ve chosen has experience with that. Don’t trust the words, if there are no similar projects in a designer’s portfolio, no links and no referrals, you’d better move to another web master, rather than run a risk to get a poorly designed website.

Effective communication is the key to success. Bad cooperation between a designer and a client takes place only where there is lack of communication. What are you supposed to tell your designer? A lot of people relieve themselves of all responsibilities, thinking that a designer is supposed to do everything on his own. That’s a big failure. You should be a part of a project and tell a designer specifically what you’d like to achieve. If there are examples of projects you absolutely love, don’t hesitate to show them. At least, you’ll give a designer an idea in what direction he should look.

Another important thing that should be discussed right from the start is the budget you’re ready to allocate on a website. I hope, these recommendations will come up handy to you when choosing your web designer.


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