How to make a website more sticky

It’s no secret that Internet world is changing all the time at unprecedented speed. Keeping in touch with new developments and Internet news is the only possible way to stay ahead of the rest of competitors. In this article I’d like to share with website business owners a few tips that may help to create more impressionable and sticky sites.

  • visually-appealing appearance of a website. I believe it’s important to say once again that people tend to judge websites depending on their appearance. You may have a very useful content, but if it hasn’t been presented in an accurate and clear manner, all your efforts will go out of the window, unfortunately. A professionally designed website with an attractive appearance will establish itself as a credible and authoritative resource and help you to convert web users to the potential customers. It’s also important to understand that people don’t have million of hours to browse the Internet. When they look for something particular, they normally limit the time to browse and visit only those websites that stick to memory. Hence, it’s vital to create a website that would be able to catch their attention and create positive impression from the word “go”.

  • simple interface. Here I’d say “Don’t re-invent the wheel”. Don’t overcomplicate the interface of your site. A website should be easy and fast to browse. All the links should be properly structured and allocated on the site. There have to be links leading to the previous page, next page, to the bottom and to the home page. If people can’t find the way to surf your website, they will more likely give up and move to another site. None likes to waste time on something that’s unclear and doesn’t make sense.

  • answer the questions. As simple as that. When someone comes to your web page, he/she is looking for answers. Thus, it’s important to create a homepage that would speak for itself. Sometimes, it’s a better idea to avoid using “enter” pages because they are firstly, absolutely useless in terms of seo optimization and secondly, speechless with regards to what your website is about.

  • interactivity. As a rule, people prefer websites that provide interactivity. Sometimes a comment of one user may spark dozens of replies! Does it not what you are aimed to achieve? You won’t even blink your eye, when the traffic rates of your site will exponentially rise. Using poll questions and discussion boards will help you to keep your visitors interested and entertained on the site.

  • trial version. If there’s a possibility, provide your potential customers with a trial version of a product. A lot of people will be willing to buy a product they’ve tested before. Besides, a sample of a product is usually considered as a sign of quality and credibility of your company.

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