Novice web design trends to look out

If you’ve thought about a new website or just a slight touch-up, knowing the latest trends in web design is essential to succeed. In this article I decided to sum up the most important and novice web design trends that every designer and website owner should be aware of. Let’s proceed:

Big images, big texts, big elements and lots of whitespace

It’s quite an interesting, bright and popular trend that’s widely used by custom web designers around the world. Large images combined with large typography looks very effective on the screen. Placing a few imposing images, usage of large text lines and some shapes may convey the main idea of the site and impress web users in a positive way. A few huge elements and lots of white space won’t give a feeling of a cluttered and unprofessional website.

Photos on background

A lot of website designers tend to use large image backgrounds. That’s a perfect idea for websites that are crafted as portfolio websites, art portfolios and personal websites for example. Using a huge photo background will help you to quickly establish a connection between a client and the end-user.

Colors and flat icons

Contrasting colors are frequently used for different flat icons to separate website sections and make the site more coherent and clear. Whitespace is a great idea to use in demarcating and highlighting the icons for giving a nice, elegant look.

Grid layouts

Microsoft’s “Mero” user-interface has greatly influenced on the popularity of grids, it’s obvious and undisputable. I’m more that sure this tendency will continue and we’ll see more and more content demarcated into rectangular or square containers with rollover effects.

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