Popular trends of web design today

Web design is probably one of the most actively evolving industries today where one can witness the emergence of new trends all the time. It goes without saying that 2013 has become a year when HTML5 markup language is being put forth and CC3 is widely used for crafting new brands. Website owners flock towards redesigning already existing website in order to along with time flow. That’s only way to stay on top at the marketspace. Years ago, all the tendencies would have been different. Web designers mostly would focus on developing visual effects and animation. Now, it’s really difficult to say what future may bring. We can only suggest.


Talking in the timeframe of 2013, there are a few web design trends that surely won’t fade away quickly. Let’s review the most popular tendencies and see whether they all have got the future or not.

Responsive web design. It seems like everyone goes responsive today. Is it a temporary trend? I dare say “yes”. Personally, I believe this trend is going to gain more and more popularity in the next a few years of “technology boom”. It’s not just about creating games and showing off animation. The most important reason is that HTML5 markup language allows creating web applications that perfectly adjust themselves on all other small screen devices. Fluid web designs have got a lot of advantages but the most prominent one is that it fits modern web design world which is all about innovations and new technologies.

Single tone colors. By saying single tone color I mean the usage of shades of one color. I expect you know a few vivid examples where one consistent color is used to determine the entire look of the site. This trend has got the right to be. However, today minimalistic color tone without many extra shades and colors has got more positive impact on web users. They can focus more on the content of the site.

Highlight box is a new feature that has taken over features sliders. They are just static boxes with an image. You may see them in a different color on the screen. As far as designing concerning you should be able to experiment with CSS to see what variations suit your web design best.

Beautiful typography. One of the largest industry that’s widely used in web design is certainly typography. One can see more and more often the headlines and other important notes written in bold or stylized text. Call Action buttons have changed their look. The standard font that’s been used for decades has got new improved design. I think, this trend is not going to fade away soon. Thus, when creating a website, always test various font types to check the conversion rates. A simple thing like font can have great impact, believe it or not.


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