Professional web design tips to speed up a website

In today’s modern world, unfortunately, people have very little spare time to wait. This tendency has had a great impact on the realm of web design. If you’re personally involved in web design industry, you should know for definite how impatient web users have become and how it’s important to satisfy their all demands. Hence, even if your web site design is a real masterpiece of art that’s worth waiting, don’t expect users to spend their spare time on slow download. So here’s a question, how can one know that his/her website is doing well and going along with time? In this article I’m going to share with you some of the professional tips that will help you to speed up both, your website and business.

If you use Flash on website, make sure you limit the amount of it. Popularity of flash has definitely faded away and  not without a reason. It does significantly slows down functionality of a website. So, you absolutely have to use it, allocate it sparingly on a site. Flash is not helping to optimize a site for the search engines, thus it doesn’t really do a lot of job.

Once you’ve decided to make a site more accessible and user-friendly, pay attention to the graphics you post through the content. If they are big, it’s essential to compress them. You might not realize just how much space they occupy on the design. Sometimes it’s a good idea to shrink an image to half its original size.

Check up your HTML code. Are there any excessive tags and white space? If you’ve never given a thought to the importance of clear code, it’s high time to do it now. Remove all unnecessary characters that increase the size of your files.

I’d recommend to use thumbnails. This is a very helpful web design technique that increases downloading time and at the same time gives a wider range of options for a web user. When having small, but fast-loading images of your product on a site you will allow your customers to make a decision whether they want to view a larger version of this image or not.

CSS is a styling language that’s widely used by web designers in the present days. It serves two purposes: 1) a designer who’s using CSS is saving a lot of his/her time when creating a website; 2) a designer reduces page size and download time of the site.

If you include external content in your website, you should realize that it elicits an HTTP request each time the page loads. Thus, if there’s an option to limit a number of graphics, media or ads that use a different server to load – do that. In a professional web design, the fundamental rule to follow is simple and it goes as follows: “less is more” The key element of any kind of a website is content. All other features shouldn’t  overflow it and distract users’ attention.


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