I truly believe that it’s a client who should give rates to designer’s works. Therefore, testimonials of people who I worked with are very important for me. Nice reviews of my clients is the best reward! Being an independent freelance designer, I always try to establish friendly relationship with people so that we can work together in the same direction.

Working with Jay Hafling was a great experience. He is truly passionate and responsible master who I could totally trust. He’s been working with a project until I was satisfied with all the features and felt absolutely happy. The prices suited me perfectly and the work he’s done was beyond my expectations! I’d recommend Jay to all my friends and clients and plan to use his skills in future again.
Dale Richardson
With a 12 years experience of working with various web developers and designers in New York within the advertising and IT businesses I have to say Jay Hafling outperformed them all. First thing first, he’s a great listener. He would hear all my requirements and come up with the best solution, and not necessarily something what I think I need - but really cracking design! I’m incredibly happy that I’ve found such a talented designer and I am going recommend you to all my colleagues. Your projects are amazing!
Tina Gronlund
I have to say Jay Hafling did a job perfectly! He built a website for me with both, incredible graphic design and functionality. The project I got met all my requirement and what’s also important fit the budget. I’m very happy with the latest website and I can recommend Jay Hafling as a qualified developer to all my network based on my personal experience.
Aaron Reno
HauteSlides.com is my website on which Jay Hafling worked as requested. Really happy with the results! He understood the concept of the site and delivered the result I couldn’t even hope for. It was a great pleasure to work with him as he listened to all my requirements, made all the editions and was always on track!All pages look fantastic! I appreciate his work and level of professionalism. It doesn’t happen very often that you meet a master who is that responsible and attentive to all little things!
Magda Maslowska
Our company was pleasantly impressed with the website that Jay Hafling built for us. He managed to leverage the WordPress template we’ve been using for our website as well as extended it with a new eCommerce capability. And the price was very reasonable!We’d like to thank Jay Hafling for all his efforts and job! Keep up the job! You’re doing it really well and I wouldn’t hesitate a minute to contact you next time when I need a new project to have done!
Kevin Dobbs
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  • Wordpress Implementation
  • Hosting & Maintenance

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