Using WordPress as a REST application programming interface for an App

When creating mobile applications you do come to the stage when you need to use the updated content from your website, or if the apps already go with content, you need to find a way to put new content into the app on time. A bad idea is to make your apps updated via iTunes, the Play Store and other similar programs because you’d have to wait on users to upgrade before they actually can reach it out. What could suit you perfectly is to set up your apps to call the server and ask for all the updates done by itself. A REST API can become the best solution in this case.

Why should you use REST API? Whilst using AJAX the often problem users face is that AJAX calls usually do go against the domain of the page that is delivered. With a mobile app, you may have no domain at all. In this case, you won’t be able to use AJAX. It’s a security safeguard that’s being put on developers. When using REST API, you can find the way to get around such problem. Some people for example load jQuery from Google domains and don’t use their own. That’s it.

Being one of the most user-friendly and easy-to-use platforms, WordPress has become the ideal administration platform for processing and saving data. Besides, it’s easy to turn it around and make it a kind of REST API. Let’s just say straight from the start. If you plan to build a first class enterprise RESP API, WordPress wouldn’t be the best choice. It would be good for the back end CMS administration, but definitely not as good for the front end.

WordPress is a very versatile content management system. It’s been widely used for all possible purposes. Being a blogging platform initially it’s come a long way to achieve such popularity across the world. Would I use WordPress for top world enterprise REST API? Probably, not. I would go for something like Python, I think, and yet, I love WordPress and think it’s got a lot of potential to grow.

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